Women for ROYALTY

The conception of “It’s a mens world ” has blunder written all over it, because Gender distinctions don’t actuate women’s blemishes, considering the fact that women have proven themselves that they can do anything men can do, exceptionally well. If anything, it has become cliche .

Gender norms are a social custom prohibiting Gender equality. From birth, we have attributed the idea of “It’s a mens world ” and are forced to adapt to the Gender biased environment, that is socially constructed and adds to the original definition of taboo.

Gender norms are a possible motivation for Gender oppression ,since they can invoke and help sustain Gender inequality, thus the world struggles to shift from being male-advantaged ; making professional advancements to be deemed unimportant for women ; in a sense that a critical aspect of Gender oppression leads to unequal economic access between the two genders. They (gender normalities) somehow conduct our lives and influence social behavior, resulting in men who want to have the final word in everything.

Expectations based on males and females are centered on conceptions of femininity and masculinity; and the Gender schema, which entails of adapting to ‘ suitable ‘ behavior(s) for each Gender group. Traditionally, men are meant to render superiority than women.

Mostly, Gender normalities are based on our African ancient history and theories, which form bases for Gender identity, also forming prevalences of Male-dominance in our societies. The historical tradition endorses Gender stereotypes and form expectations on them; while theoretically , it is said that men and women have evolved differently to fulfil their different and complimentary functions. African ancient history and theories make Gender issues more natural.

Women are underestimated by many, but can do all things ‘manly’ exceptionally well;in heels. Living to the accords of Gender norms truly belong in history museums. Let it be more of a historical education than a current enforcement/ trend. The world can and will be much better, if only we’d stop judging women on they USED TO BE good at and welcome them on board as co-transformation leaders.


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