The tainted life of South African teens 


We (teens) as the young generation of our African continent and our beloved South African country, are meant to be this very, focused and determined promising future-holders or so it used to be. We have turned out to be completely different from how we were supposed to have turned out.            

We are ignorant, rebellious, recalcitrant and wild yet smart and talented.We love and cherish alcohol, drugs and sex under a myth that “we all have to do it. Rather sooner than later” ; instead of loving and cherishing Education.         
Yes;life is not as beautiful and perfect as a portrait of Mona Lisa or the sea bed. The world we live in is far from being perfect, the people around us are not perfect and so are we not. Flaws prevail in everyone of us; I included. 2016 came and I almost did not recognize myself. My life and who I am almost changed for the worst, in just a short space of time ; when I got infected by a disease that leaves no stone unturned; TEENAGEHOOD. That’s when my way got blurry and I started seeing things in everyone’s eye.                                   
As we grow up, we get taught from right to wrong and which lines to cross. All this sticks on our minds until we reach teenagehood. We start thinking that we somehow know best and we’ve got to break rules because they’re meant to be broken; as a once-stupid man once said. I always chose not to follow in anyone’s footsteps because I knew the right direction ; but it was all until I came overhead with the most tempting future-ruiner… Alcohol. Everyone else around me was on booze, so I thought “why not” … I mean who was I to stand out from the masses. Of course all the ‘Don’ts ‘ were there but I chose to ignore them all.    


I wanted to be ranked amongst the “coolest” ,so resisting booze wouldn’t have cut it. With all these trend-setters who proclaim teenhood as some sort of a ‘Turn-up vibe’; it was hard for me to stick to the route I had chosen for myself and make it smooth, hard for me to be a good, obedient kid I had always been.    


It was all until I got a cracked tooth( mark for life), a bruised face and DISAPPOINTED all those who expected better from me; more especially my family ; that I realized how life is not a popularity contest we portay it as. I realized how choosing your own path and doing good deeds is the best harmless journey a teen can ever embark on; even if it is as uncool and stupid people say it is. 

My advice to every soul; young souls precisely; is that it could take them more than just a cracked tooth and bruises that will fade in no time. It could take them their virginity, broken body parts or even worse ;their lives and hearts of their beloved mothers and fathers.So it very best for us to love and cherish the Education that will leave us as dignified in the long run than the very same alcohol and drugs that will turn us into rags. Cherish the Education past students fought for in the 1976 Soweto-uprising. It is the least we could do, to show how appreciative we are to them, for having sacrificed their lives, for the Education of Black children. 


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