My folashade

This;once again goes to the woman whom I’m always praise singing, the woman whose arms I used to fall asleep on and definitely the only person I live for; my Mother.

Despite the little time I had with her, she’s still my Folashade. The little 10 years I had with her , were enough experience for me to feel the love of a mother and the warmth of her heart. For that, I’ll always be grateful to the Almighty for having given me a beautiful blessing such as her.
She lived, loved but most importantly, she played she part. Not to sound cocky or anything; but I am this smart, responsible and open-minded 17 year old girl, all because I passed in her loving hands. It is such a great honour to have been born and bred by her.

The days she passed away on used to feel like years. I remember how I couldn’t eat, play or do any other thing I would do, under normal circumstances. All this at just 10 years of age. However; it was all until an Angel she sent through , spoke softly into my ears the message she wanted me to hear. She said that I should not mourn her death for too long, for time wasted is never regained. She said that it was okay for me to have room for crying to ease the hurt and pain I went through; but I should bear in mind that the world awaits no men. That I should use the time I am left with to embrace the special gift in me that no one else has , before it was too late. That’s when I healed and moved over the hurt , that would’ve shattered my soul into pieces if I didn’t do anything about it. I found pad and pen and used them to express my sorrows and stopped dwelling on them any longer.
Today; 19th of June; would’ve been her 41st Birthday but I know she’s okay and safe now, in a better place. There’s no crying over the fact that she’s no more because I know that someday; be it a different timezone, life or place; I’ll see her again .
I always pray that she knows that she gave birth to a star. The brightest light that’s still to shed the world with it’s remarkable glow, that had lit faces and hearts of all those who saw her on her birthday. That’s enough guarantee for her to rest in peace.
All these may be too little words to dedicate to someone who gave a gift so special and wonderful, but they mean my entire soul and every body part in me. If I could stand on top of the world and scream on top of my lungs just how much I appreciate the life she spared me; I would.


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