My 17th Birthday 

            ​In dedication to my 17th birthday, I put up this piece below 

Once upon a time, the brightest star shone on earth . It was on the 27th of June that a star was born ; probably at night, with lights off and darkness everywhere ; because the moment she was born, everything changed . 
Every house of every street was shed light on and the darkness eventually transformed into brightness, because of the remarkable glow of this star, that had woken every asleep house up . 
Everyone, from family , relatives and neighbours all wanted a glimpse of her and their reaction was priceless . Their faces were lit , leaving them with delight and only delight on their faces . They all rejoiced and celebrated the birth of a young yet so bright star . 
She was named Nelly and was a blessing to a strong single mother . Nelly simply means the brightest light and was her birthright , because it is only at night that you can see the stars and by far , she was the only star that shone brightfully after so long. 



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