Where Women ought to be 


In leading; a world wide distinguished role, is one of the push factors to gender oppression .

Not both genders are seen as ” impossible-to-lead ” . Women , wives and young promising girls are all placed under different stages of all those who can’t lead . This does not mean that they can’t lead . It means that they are socially and traditionally held back from leading . They are habitually undermined whenever they attempt to embark on leading roles .      

Furthermore , because societal attitudes to women in leading roles , is firmly constructed and opposed , it is hard to convince people otherwise and showcase their leading capabilities . This is because of our strong built beliefs based on our African history and patriarchal attitudes to women .

Personally , I am very elated about the state of women globally . With that elation comes great hope regarding the gender oppression we face , that living to the accords of a world of a century ago , is the reason women give in to this kind of oppression . The image of women as the figures of the lead roles , can and will be improved once they all get shed light on about the current world . 

How we speak about and respond to oppression amongst these two different genders ; male and female ; . ” It’s not for women to be out there in the corporate world ” points to the crisis , debunking the myth that ” It’s a mens world ” . This phrase ” It’s a mens world ” suggests that it is a commonplace , for women to be oppressed . It has been happening all this time .

The truth is that , it does not just happen . We as women give in to this type of oppression . We choose to give in to this ” impossible to lead ” status and make this an adoption , because it is what we grew into .             



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