Victimised we remain 

We as women; are really not having it easy. If it’s not suffering from being Socially and Traditionally held back, it is being restricted from embracing our bodies. The truth is, we’re letting our different Genders define who we are, when it shouldn’t be like that to even begin with. 
We need to understand that Gender norms are a thing of the past universe; where we had different tasks set out for different Genders . In the world of today; transformation is taking over . We (women ) are just as much capable of anything, just as men are; own decision-making included. 
To my surprise; there’s still bits in us that are still stuck-up in Old school ways of living and doing things; more precisely when it comes to these both Genders. Men are still perceived as the ‘Head-honchos’ who get to make all decisions  (big or small ), regarding how the world should be like; both in their homes and outside. Their egotistical masculinity is such to an extent that ;they feel like they somehow have the audacity to control how women should dress, while us women; on the other hand; are supposed to bow down to whatever men think is best for us. Poor victims 😔
I’m not saying it’s wrong to have men making decisions for their women. My point is ; do not (Not ever) allow yourselves to be dictated nor feel intimidated to do/wear what you feel like. 
Dating back to a century ago; when we were true Africans : Our African descendants lived to the accords of their African culture and embraced their nature. Everything; from ways of doing things to how they dressed, was respected and they were never judged for it. Let’s look at;for instance; our traditional attires : We hardly worn much and dressing then(even now) was for the sake of covering our delicate parts and you wouldn’t have heard of Rape incidents or Men Body-shaming Women. The respect our Fathers and Brothers had for our Mothers and Sisters actually played a critical role back then ; and by this I’m referring to the very same Respect we tend to think is only due to Men.
Today; in relation to past years ; is a very different world . We live in a world where women are constantly victimised; all because of how they dress. As a woman of today, you’re to huddle yourself with as much clothing as possible; no matter the season. Mind you;this is in case our Male dearests get ‘tempted’ and start getting wrong impressions, because this is the case every time Women are on a summer mood. We have to be sure to be clothed from neck to toe ;because there’s people out there who’re not immune to flesh .
Apparently; wearing short dresses that expose legs is asking to be sexually assaulted and all the other perverted acts from Men. Poor Women get called names like ‘Attention-seekers’ simply because of what they wear. To further oppress and victimise them ; they’re the ones who apparently ‘lack self-respect’ instead of Men being the ones who do not respect Women. It’s not only due to such that ,our young girls are ashamed of wearing dresses and skirts ; but also because We live in a world of Shame .
I;personally, have had it with being told what to wear and what not to wear, because of Men who inexcusably find it hard to control themselves or somehow feel like I dress for them. 

*Note to fellow Women:

 Own up to your bodies and refuse to be blamed for weaklings who cannot control the movement of their trouser zippers. Be bold and wear how you feel. Your sexiness shouldn’t; at all be subjective to Rape.

I may be young but I am a Woman and I’m fighting Sexism. I am fighting oppression against Women.


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